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What's it all about?

One man, one room, one purpose: Reach the exit. Complex simplicity in your hands! And what if you reach the exit, what then? It's up to you. Create new levels, modify existing ones or download a new from the internet. Use wide variety of different blocks and gadgets on your own levels and customize your character using dozens of collectibles hidden all around the levels, but there's a catch: The road to treasury is always harder than the normal way to exit.

Currently the game is in Beta stage and is free to download from indieDB. Alternatively use the links below.

Windows version (0.5.0) | Linux version (0.4.1) | Mac version (0.4.1)

Key features

  • Story: Experience the story behind Portal Mortal! Who is the mysterious author behind the signs? W.I.P.
  • Dozens of collectibles: Find and collect dozens of hidden items, such as hats and masks! The road is not always easy and you have to search carefully your surroundings to find a way, but that's just the beginning.
  • Character customization: Use your found collectibles to make the character look the way you want. Change hat, mask or even the look of your portals!
  • Wide variety of levels: There are levels for everybody: For complete beginners to people who just can't get enough challenge.
  • Replay: Watch all your attempts running around the level at the same time!
  • In-game level editor: Create, Modify, Download and Upload! Easy to use, always there! Create your own levels, share them with your friends and share the pain! Want to explore the level you haven't completed yet? Want to make some modifications to ease or harden your task? Everything is possible!
  • Different themes: While creating a level, you can choose its theme. Theme will affect not only to music, but also some of the graphics! If you don't like the default themes, you can always create your own!
  • Co-op with up to 32 players: Play with your friends! Who reaches the exit first? Who will survive the longest? Level needs... something? Add it on the fly!
  • Local Co-op with up to 4 players: Play with your friends in a same computer using gamepads! Play locally, host or join in existing online game!
  • Play with Windows, Linux and Mac: Choose your operating system for gaming!
  • Electro pumping soundtrack by DJJusbi: Beautiful and energetic soundtrack which will keep your adrenaline pumping!
  • Localisation: Play with your own language! Currently English, Finnish and Russian are the only included languages.
  • Keyboard or Gamepad: Do you prefer gamepad over keyboard? Do you like to rebind your keys/buttons? You can do that!

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Portal Mortal
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